Ten Years : An Edmonton Experience.

I’ve finally done it.


Lived ten years in one spot outside of my original home turf.

July 1, 2020 marked the ten year anniversary of my life in Edmonton. Woot Woot!

I’ll never forget the day we arrived.

Ten hours in a U-Haul with 2 yowling cats.

Ten hours in a truck with two more yowling cats.

4am! Fun!

There were lots of stops and arguments and silly songs along the way. There was even a face to face coyote encounter in Jasper!

Ass end of a U-Haul for ten hours.

None of us had gotten any sleep the night before so we were all foggy and bleary eyed. Sure, we were pretty excited to be starting a new adventure but also all FOUR OF OUR DAMN CATS had spent the entire last night going in and out of the kitchen cupboards slamming the doors open and shut and nobody got any sleep!

Assholes! Anyway, we were tired but Edmonton was not!

Nopers. The old girl was sitting pretty in her Summer green finery ready to give us a little taste of what was to come.

As we turned onto our new street the air was filled with a strange rattling.

Then came the lights and sirens. Wee Oooo Wee Oooo Wee Oooo!

Then came three very fast moving cars. Vrrrrooooom!

Then came the sparks flying from rims on pavement…

Ummmm???? What’s going on?!

Oh, nothing. We’re just caught in the middle of a run of the mill POLICE CHASE!!


Welcome to Edmonton!

We were all too tired to do anything else but laugh at the time and I’ve been laughing (mostly) at all kinds of nonsense ever since!

Oh Edmonton. You sure know how to welcome a girl!

Stay tuned for my ten year reflections.

This place is WILD!

First glimpse of that gorgeous prairie sky…and a U-Haul bum.

Hemp Seed Oil For Dogs – A Review

Mr. Mooshum came to us at ten years old with arthritis and an old injury that didn’t set/heal right.

There wasn’t much we could do about the old injury but we could help the arthritis. We gave him glucosamine and chondroitin daily but life was still painful for our beloved boy. He couldn’t lie down without a big painful groan and he could barely walk at times. On really bad days, even after I snuck him some pain meds, he’d be unable to get up. Even after a walk down the alley and back. A journey of about 4 blocks. Something had to be done!

Upon recommendation from another dog owner on an online forum I found out about this stuff:

True Leaf Hip & Joint Support

The other owner said it changed her dog’s life. I was doubtful but HOPEFUL. I love that dog and cannot abide suffering. I was willing to give the stuff a try.

At 39.99 a bottle- PetSmart. Pricier at other places- the stuff isn’t cheap, especially when you’re dosing a Big Loaf and you’re in the “loading” phase. But within hours – yes HOURS- of Mooshy’s first dose, I could see improvement.

He seemed…lighter. In both body and spirit. He had ease of movement. Over time the positive effects grew. Mooshum no longer groans in pain when he throws himself down. He’s able to walk double the walk without growing physically tired. He gets up and down with no struggles.

In fact, his improvement was so good that the Ass got back up to his old tricks again! Getting in to stuff, stealing cat food, food snatching, digging giant holes in my flower beds!

Right down to the clay drainage bed we spent hours putting in…

The Hubs jokes ” Maybe we should cut back on his dose…” Ha Ha! It’s tempting but nah! I’m happy my Best Boy feels better. This product by True Leaf really WAS awesome. My 16 year old dog is enjoying a better quality of life and it’s so worth it.

I Ate Half An Instant Pot Chicken – A Recipe Review.

Our meat lady – what YOU don’t have a meat lady? – often suggests things to us based on whatever deal the store has going on, so that’s how I found myself with two whole chickens.

What to do, what to do? Eager to try out my new Instant Pot I found a recipe for a deli chicken and thought it’d be perfect for a hot summer day, alongside some salads. Cool beans!

I used this recipe – Instant Pot Rotisserie Chicken -from Damn Delicious. Go check it out!

The recipe was easy to follow and accurate. The finished product was as advertised -tender, juicy, full of flavour and EASY to pull together.

Here’s mine:

That’s all flavour BABY! Next time I make it I’m going to take the time to brown it better because that skin had me craving more. The inside was indeed juicy and flavourful all the way through, what with the lemons I stuck up the bird’s butt. Before I knew what happened I’d eaten half a chicken to myself.

No shame. If you make this, you’ll be eating half a chicken to yourself too!

I stole some of the Husband’s half and stuck it in a sandwich the next day:

But the photo doesn’t do it justice. ( I have got to find my power cord to the $900 camera I’ve lost…sigh) That breast meat was still SO tender and juicy.

I saved the juices from the pot and added them to the bones to make some stock, and I imagine that’s going to be divine too.

Do yourself a favour, head on over to Damn Delicious , grab the recipe and make yourself some chicken too!

PS: If you don’t have a pressure cooker you could totally follow the recipe and bake the chicken in the oven too.

Angry Teeth!

It started in late May, the gnashing of my teeth.

I’ve always gnashed my terrible teeth ( and roared my terrible roar. And rolled my terrible eyes) but with no ill effects except for some wear.

My dad wore his teeth down to nothing and was fine.!

This time though…oh this time I did a thing.

“Hmm, I think I need to buy myself some toothpaste for sensitive teeth. Mine are really hurting! ” , was a thought I had on a Thursday. By Saturday it was clear the toothpaste was NOT going to make a difference and by Monday after 8 doses of Advil and Tylenol I knew a trip to the dentist was in order.

I thought one of my molars was erupting. My dentist thought one of my molars was erupting.

Turns out I was just being an asshole to myself.

I was grinding my teeth so hard that I’d set off a pain storm of inflammation in my mouth.

Not only was I grinding my teeth at night but I was clenching my jaw, chewing the inside of my mouth and pushing my tongue up against my front teeth too. And I was doing this 24/7 all the while congratulating myself how on “well” I was doing with life.

Ha Ha Ha.

I had a splint made and after some good meds and some conscious effort, all seems to be better but I am in awe of my mad ignoring skills! How on earth did I not notice what I was doing to myself?!

(The colour version of this image was too scary for the public) You should see the puddle of drool I wake up in.

I’ve been noticing now though I tell ya! This year…this year is something else.

But we’re halfway through! I’m not sure how different 2021 is going to be but wow are we all ever getting a rapid education in self care in 2020.

That has to count for something. I doubt we’ll all be super chill next year but maybe we’ll have learned how to care for ourselves and others just a little bit better.

I think screaming inside our hearts is good for other people but maybe it’d be better if we did some safe, socially distanced outside screaming too?

Hopeless jokes about our situation make me feel better ❤ A little slice to release the pressure.

How are you coping? What are you experiencing? Are you a jaw clencher/teeth grinder/tongue pusher too? What helps you? Let know in the comments!

Brain Dump 1.

Started reading and colouring in this cool book I found in an Indigenous shop in Lake Louise.

I ran in to pick up lunch while at the mall on errands and accidently spend a shit load of money in T&T Supermarket. Anxiety buying much?! Ha Ha Ha

I blinded myself when this thing appeared in the sky…

What even is it?!

There was Grandma-ing :

I went for a hike:

Where I hiked hills, skipped and tripped down slopes, ate wild raspberries, photographed flowers and just enjoyed being OUTSIDE in my element. Check out Instagram for lots more pretty stuff >>>>>>

I sat on my porch and read this:

The story itself was captivating. Reading about brave people always is and while it was engrossing, it was mostly GROSS. Why? A lot of White Nonsense.

I also read this:

SO GOOD! It may be triggering if you have any sort of creepy older man/vulnerable young girl trauma or issues – We should ALL take issue with that!- but if you can get through that you may find this work of fiction valuable. I did. I felt seen in a way I’d never felt before. Again- SO GOOD!

I enjoyed a treat:

I’ve enjoyed many treats, ha! I just don’t have photo evidence of them all but trust me, treats were enjoyed!

AND I spend as much time as possible getting ready for and resting up for a new gig that starts mid August. SO yay to that! Something new to focus my time and energy on. More as it develops!

So what’s up with you? Tell me ALL about it!

Wonderings- Worm Talk

Do you think that when the worms are in the ground doing very important worm things and they wiggle past the roots of a plant, they say “Hi” as they pass by?

We know that trees “talk” to one another… it stands to reason that maybe worms and (other creatures!) communicate with plants too.


This is an interesting article on the subject: Humans are learning the language of flowers, plants and animals.

Bees and flowers communicate. I’m thinking worms and plants might too. Cool.

So here’s another thing I wonder. Could I speak to the plants and get them to pass along a message to the worms?

Like ” Hey celeriac tops, would you please tell the earthworms that I learned about this gross creature called a hammerhead worm that EATS earthworms and is a real danger to their entire species? You will? K, thanks bye!”

That would be super helpful.

Of course, I don’t know if plants understand English. MAYBE I could think my thinky-thoughts at them and tell them with my MIND?

Something to work on.

What do you think plants and animals think of us?

I betcha they think humans are total assholes. The way we treat this planet…ugh!


These are some of the things I wonder about these days!

Canada Day.

O Canada!


Oh, those aren’t the true lyrics but those are the lyrics I sing and will continue to sing until life gets 100% better for the original people of this land.

Isn’t that flag gorgeous? It was designed by Kwakwaka’wakw artist Curtis Wilson.

I love and appreciate the Kwakwaka’wakw because they brought me to my own heritage. My Aboriginal history is Cree.

My dad was Metis, Cree and French/Scots. I didn’t learn about my Cree ancestors until I was learning about the early lives of the Kwakwaka’wakw when I was a child in Grade 4. I came home, bubbling with excitement and eager to share what I was learning with my family. I felt a kinship with these people who lived these amazing lives and it was then that I was told ” Your dad is half -insert offensive word here-” by my mother.



My dad was quietly proud of his Cree roots once prompted to talk about them but it was never spoken about before then. I had no clue!

I cant know for sure but I do wonder if my dad had learned to keep quiet about his heritage because it was safer/easier that way.

He faced racism in his day to day life. Nasty comments were what I noticed most although I didn’t understand them at the time. A guy scowled at him and yelled ” Go back to your own country!” when we were out shopping. Just out of the blue…unprovoked. We all had a good laugh about the sheer stupidity and ridiculousness of that statement but I know it hurt him.

Life wasn’t easy for my dad. He told me with tears in his eyes that he was never Cree enough for the Cree crowd with his lighter skin and gray eyes, and he was most definitely not white enough for the white crowd.

He sure was Cree enough to be forced into a residential school in Northern Alberta by the colonizers though! What he experienced there stopped his development and negatively effected him for the rest of his life.

So these are the things I’m thinking about today as people celebrate Canada Day.

Growing up in a culture that tells you in so many insidious ways that there is something wrong with an important part of who you are, made me downplay my heritage and live in the in between places too.

Would you believe I know next to nothing about Cree culture ? I learned about the Kwakwaka’wakw and they were the catalyst that opened up my world to the Cree but the reality of racism in Canada put a stop to further learning.

Today seems like a good day to change that.

Welcome To Force Of Nature!


A Force of Nature after being caught in a Force of Nature!

Thanks for popping by my new spot. It’s all shiny and fresh here. I love that.

I used to feel sad when things changed but lately I’ve learned to feel excited and inspired by changes, especially when I’m the one doing the changes. It’s a hell of a lot harder to feel that when the change is facilitated by someone else! I was sad to see HeartStyle go but this past year I was feeling like I’d outgrown myself there. I’m happy to wipe it all away and step into whatever Force of Nature turns out to be.

Thanks so much for sticking with me!